69 + ONE

Yeah, that’s what everyone is talking about these days. Rather, is fascinated about. It’s there in the glossy pages of magazines, all over the web and oh! Instagrammers are killing it right now.
The newly found older way of having fun.
It’s not a secret anymore. People like to flaunt about it out loud. In public.

bindigasm_holii_seventies_denim_culottes_leather_jacket_red_hippie_style_5And so, I thought I’d have my say in it.
On 69 + one
Wait. What are you thinking?
About the Seventies right?
The 1970s? :p

Our ancestors seem to have left a good chunk of inspiration for us. Seventies was a treasure trove in terms of cultural explosion and liberation of women. Colour & contrast were a rocking pair and hippiedom diffused everywhere in the smokey air. I wish I had a mood ring to express my indulgence in the seventies right now. And a crystal lamp next to me. That’s how they did it.

The culture infused it’s spirit in fashion heavily. Leather made a raw unkempt appeal. Denim? Well, it just felt right. Flares and bell-bottoms meant giving farewell to minimalism. And colour bursts sounded exactly like one pleasing than 69. Patterns and textures meant a lot more than emotions. The feel of leather and that of textures and embellishments was considered extraordinary. Red spoke of a bold character and shouted feminism.

bindigasm_holii_seventies_denim_culottes_leather_jacket_red_hippie_style_2bindigasm_holii_seventies_denim_culottes_leather_jacket_red_hippie_style_4 bindigasm_holii_seventies_denim_culottes_leather_jacket_red_hippie_style_3bindigasm_holii_seventies_denim_culottes_leather_jacket_red_hippie_style_6

bindigasm_holii_seventies_denim_culottes_leather_jacket_red_hippie_style_1FASHION NOTE
The seventies interpretation got me to pair my denim culottes with a tan leather jacket and block heels. Red reflects romance with an attitude through makeup and accessories. Patterns and textures sound rich. Quilted diamond-stitching on the jacket and the basket-weave pattern on leather bag highlight the necessity of details.

All in all, fashion spoke of a bold romance and a sinister life with an unhinged grandeur, leaving the spirit content. As I said, 69 + one!

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