A beauty QUICKIE

Ever since I left my regular job and joined the start-up clan, I think I have become low maintenance. In such a situation, you think I could take out time for personal care? sushhh… If my day involves being under the sun all day, I’d just drink sunscreen instead. Naked nails look just fine. Natural is beautiful. Salon? maybe when I decide to meet up my friends. Laundry, fortnight should do.


This continues for weeks till it reflects upon your lifestyle and there comes a day your dear ones start showing concerns. And then, you contemplate, deep into the roots of what might have gone wrong, not able to decode in the first few attempts until finally, everything becomes crystal clear. So, what do you do then? Can’t change the work-routine. But, a few tricks and tips to cover this mess sounds significant! So, here it is. A magical beauty regime, more like a quickie!

Wake up. Wash face. Dab toner, apply serum, moisturise with a cold emulsion from the refrigerator. Get back to your regular work. Follow the same at night before going to bed.

No kidding. I am doing this for last few weeks now and I can measure a gradual effect. I am using Za whitening beauty serum and Za true white emulsion for the same (and yeah, you really should try keeping the emulsion in the refrigerator).
bindigasm_za_beauty_regime_quickie_2To give a bit of low-down on serums and emulsions, serums are concentrated active ingredients, mostly water-based that eliminate the formation of wrinkles and help in keeping the skin younger, while emulsions are an alternative to moisturisers but only lighter and better in terms of creating an evenly moisturised skin. So, the next time you think you have a hectic day ahead, give this a try and forget about taking care of it the whole day.