Above Ground

There are two things that keep you moving above ground. Your head and your feet.
Then, there is something between them that keeps us going.

bindigasm_clarks_travel_city_shoes_editorial6In an ideaI world, traveling has no strings attached. It’s like you have the whole world as a jar of candies in your hand. With so many flavours and colours. You are content.
But (I hate this word), let’s be real! This world runs on some rules. And boundaries. Most of us with a travel bug follow an order- Work. Save. Travel. Repeat. Because there is no ideal world, we make things happen. We make our own way. We try to achieve a balance between work and leisure.

I am one of those, who would agree to anything to keep moving. Last month I was in Kerala teaching design to college students. Earlier this month in Mumbai and I am planning to go trekking next month. If only life could always be this way. You cannot stay still at one point in this whole wide world. Can you?
For me, the middle ground is exploring around while at work. Even if I travel across cities, without any natural scenery, I evolve one pixel each time making my whereabouts worldly. I collect experiences and conversations. I am all on my own and I have a good pair of shoes to take me places! 🙂

Whether you travel for work or leisure, comfort is demanding. So is style. A casual jeans-&-tee style gets elevated with these Perez Glitter slingback sandals from Clarks. Comfort. Check. Style. Check! The right shoe kicks in the right amount of confidence. Well, among other things!

bindigasm_clarks_travel_city_shoes_editorial5 bindigasm_clarks_travel_city_shoes_editorial2 bindigasm_clarks_travel_city_shoes_editorial10 bindigasm_clarks_travel_city_shoes_editorial1 bindigasm_clarks_travel_city_shoes_editorial9

bindigasm_clarks_travel_city_shoes_editorial7 bindigasm_clarks_travel_city_shoes_editorial11 bindigasm_clarks_travel_city_shoes_editorial15 bindigasm_clarks_travel_city_shoes_editorial12 bindigasm_clarks_travel_city_shoes_editorial17 bindigasm_clarks_travel_city_shoes_editorial4

The action happens above ground. Keep moving!


Tee Flea market in Delhi | Levis 711 Jeans | Shoes Clarks | Bag Fossil | Photo Credits Nishal Lama from dropDstudio.