We love what we love, even today.

bindigasm_anantaya_handcrafted_Indian_craft_products_culture_traditional_collonnade_bengaluru_traditional_1Little hands held by a warm hand, walked to the bus stop;
desire a walk down the aisle
Stories told by the bedside,
have turned to letters of wishes in the mail
I drew a line in the sand as time traveled by;
a lot has changed
Gods have gone antique.
Only the two are worshiped
My pursuit of passion made me leave home,
be consumed by this world, yet I still yearn to be there
I have many tales to narrate,
if only I could be with them miles across
“Why not?” I thought; as I looked at the memories in my hands
to listen to bedtime stories & walk holding the warm hand again
After all, we love what we love
even today.

bindigasm_anantaya_handcrafted_Indian_craft_products_culture_traditional_collonnade_bengaluru_traditional_2 bindigasm_anantaya_handcrafted_Indian_craft_products_culture_traditional_collonnade_bengaluru_traditional_3 bindigasm_anantaya_handcrafted_Indian_craft_products_culture_traditional_collonnade_bengaluru_traditional_4 bindigasm_anantaya_handcrafted_Indian_craft_products_culture_traditional_collonnade_bengaluru_traditional_5 bindigasm_anantaya_handcrafted_Indian_craft_products_culture_traditional_collonnade_bengaluru_traditional_6 bindigasm_anantaya_handcrafted_Indian_craft_products_culture_traditional_collonnade_bengaluru_traditional_7 bindigasm_anantaya_handcrafted_Indian_craft_products_culture_traditional_collonnade_bengaluru_traditional_8

On infamous days, I wake up by notifications on the phone, make tea and get ready. On my way to office, I speak to my mom. And so, the day goes on…
A few days back, I turned twenty-five and I think it’s normal when you think deep of how you have lived all these years right? I have been away from home for the past seven years now, running after things I have enjoyed doing- designing or blogging or cleaning my house when I feel bored of the first two. I recall my childhood and the happiness I was surrounded with back home. But I wanted to do something more, to fuel my creativity and express it. A little rebelling and I moved away from home to act upon my confused state of mind. No doubt, I like it a lot. We love what we love! But, I have missed home. Always.
The story is an ode to those memories and how I try to balance between all that I love, reciprocate and make life full. When spontaneity pours, it’s time to dismiss the usual flow and take a trip back home to relive those memories. In fact, every girl who stays away from home might think the same, isn’t that true?

The concept has a nostalgic setup – a letter I receive from my mother on my birthday with some gifts and old pictures. In my attempt, I start to reply her back and end up crumpling pages one after another until; I decide to tell her that I shall visit home soon.

Featuring contemporary craft objects from ANANTAYA – the foldable shisham wooden table, zild (Arabic for binding) book and pencil box, the ‘weight and wait’ marble clock, passport holder, zild notebook, metal and tassel bookmark, the horn-material Mast Ram pen, a wooden paper weight and the Gul souvenir hand-block-printed top I am wearing. Anantaya, a brand originally from Jaipur run by the Designer and Architect duo Ayush and Geetanjali Kasliwal, makes a cultural statement with smart functional elements in their products, apart from the intention of preserving the traditional crafts of India. There is a story and function behind every design.
The shoot is done in their store at the Collonnade, The Leela Palace Hotels, Bengaluru.