The first month of the year starts with flying kites in the sublime blue sky and making rangoli using scented flowers. A few weeks pass and people greet each other, playing with intense colours of the spring. This is followed by plenty of more occasions of celebration across regions and religions. Some people fast, others eat more than desired; some wear new clothes, others donate their old keepings; some pray to idols, some to the moon. From nine days of devotion to the nine Goddesses to burning of the ten-headed Ravana to lighting up the whole country on Diwali, endless means of celebration and happiness circle around the year in India.

bindigasm_ethnic_festive_max_lifestyle_red_gold_indian_diwali_look_salwar_suit_women_dupatta_mughal_royal_desi_1Well, if you think of the smaller joys in a modern lifestyle- the most-awaited holidays from work, yummy food counters, new decor and bling-y street ornamentation, occasion-based fashion and of course happy-relaxed-less-worked-out faces!
The way we are spoilt with choices today, I am sure everyone has something planned for this Diwali. Me? I’m going home after two long months, with gifts for everybody; waiting to see my seven month old niece who does something surprisingly new almost everyday (from doing bhangra while trying to stand to getting excited over car keys- still a mystery); tasting all the mouth-watering mithai mom makes, seeking for blessings (a synonym for gifts) to drawing gigantic rangoli with diyas.

And yes, getting into ethnic wear is definitely on the list. It’s a pitiful truth, most of my life has been spent in the comfiest pair of jeans that makes a simple outfit like Salwar Kameez sound too fancy today. Nevertheless, such occasions compensate for the situation. Because, anarkalis are a rage this season, I did a styling trial for this Diwali from Max Fashions. I opted for a delicate outfit in beige colour with an intricate foil print in gold and an embroidered yoke over a deep maroon chudidar. Tied-up block heels, deep red lips and a tiny bindi accessorised shiny metallic bangles and jhumkis– an effortless look that looks quite effortful!

bindigasm_ethnic_festive_max_lifestyle_red_gold_indian_diwali_look_salwar_suit_women_dupatta_mughal_royal_desi_2 bindigasm_ethnic_festive_max_lifestyle_red_gold_indian_diwali_look_salwar_suit_women_dupatta_mughal_royal_desi_3 bindigasm_ethnic_festive_max_lifestyle_red_gold_indian_diwali_look_salwar_suit_women_dupatta_mughal_royal_desi_4 bindigasm_ethnic_festive_max_lifestyle_red_gold_indian_diwali_look_salwar_suit_women_dupatta_mughal_royal_desi_5 bindigasm_ethnic_festive_max_lifestyle_red_gold_indian_diwali_look_salwar_suit_women_dupatta_mughal_royal_desi_6 bindigasm_ethnic_festive_max_lifestyle_red_gold_indian_diwali_look_salwar_suit_women_dupatta_mughal_royal_desi_7 bindigasm_ethnic_festive_max_lifestyle_red_gold_indian_diwali_look_salwar_suit_women_dupatta_mughal_royal_desi_8

Have a wonderful time this Diwali and make less of noise pollution y’all!