Hello. I am Pranita Mehta. Female. 25. A Fashion and Textile Design graduate from NIFT, co-founder and creative head at MediaGiri – a creative agency based out of Bangalore, India and the blogger at Bindigasm. Otherwise, a geeky shopper, vagabond surfer who dislikes chess for no reason and one of the many purposes of my life is to have my own shoe library one day.

So, the story goes like this –
As I realized the monotony of starting my career as a formal-menswear designer, reading between blue & black stripes, I decided to keep an account of random fashionable things, people and places around and started blogging at Bindigasm. The name of the blog you ask? Let me take you down to the brainstorming sessions I managed to survive and come up with Bindigasm.
Eventually, ideas queued up in the mind one after another and I developed interest for narrating fashion editorials in my own way. It started with the Madness of spring diving to The String Theory and then followed with many more concepts I could relate with fashion. I would Sundance in the morning light and Sparkle in the night. When the world broke the silence of genders, I interpreted it in the concept of Androgyny. Sometimes I write poems and make things alive like a butterfly metamorphosis. There are also loud thoughts expressed sometimes, like in the Outré story or when I think of myself as a hippie. I could show my wicked character too when I think of myself as the Queen of Clubs.

No, not just posing and styling, I kind of try my hands on graphic designing as well. I have enjoyed designing e-magazines and illustrated concepts of fashion through Minigasms. With a quirky name like Bindigasm, came in more terms like the Quickies that are a quick read for you guys. Telling stories about people I find interesting is another thing I do once in a while. Of course, I love to travel. And take notes and pictures to keep my flame burning. A trip to Leh Ladakh – Leh’la O Leh’la turned out to be the most popular story, with some 24,000 shares. Yes, I am serious.
Recently, I tried acting. Yes. I didn’t give my voice though. It was a short fashion film and I loved conceptualizing it.

A little proud to mention some of my press/media features. I curated street style for Bangalore Mirror for a while in 2013, made a couple fashion statements here & there. So, yeah, this is pretty much most of it. There’s always more to come. 🙂

Email me at pranita.athem@gmail.com