Blue Plumes

Let’s do a little time travel.
To the royal gardens of the medieval times. A natural setting synonymous to heaven; filled with trees of all sorts that produce succulent fruits and sweet smelling flowers, wild grass growing beneath trees, angels and lions sculpted besides gigantic arches covered in creepers and, streams of water gushing with noise.
In the garden, there roamed large birds with gilded feathers and an iridescent sapphire neck. They walked across swinging their royal crest like a pendulum and danced in the rain. The sight of their plumage wide open was dazzling, even to females. These, ‘Peacocks’ were a supreme ornamentation in the royal gardens & estates and have lived through various fables and cultures since ages.

Today, Bluestone decided to bring this handsome bird right from fables of royalty, art and mythology to a woman’s fashion closet as a source of inspiration. The result- an interesting mix of cosmo-culture infused with a royal character. A perfect blend of aesthetics and utility.

bindigasm_bluestone_peacock_jewelry_gold_blue_1 bindigasm_bluestone_peacock_jewelry_gold_blue_2 bindigasm_bluestone_peacock_jewelry_gold_blue_3 bindigasm_bluestone_peacock_jewelry_gold_blue_3b bindigasm_bluestone_peacock_jewelry_gold_blue_4 bindigasm_bluestone_peacock_jewelry_gold_blue_5 bindigasm_bluestone_peacock_jewelry_gold_blue_6


When I received these jewelry pieces from the Blue Feather collection by Bluestone along with their newly launched The Blue Book, I wanted to play with the colour palette of a peacock’s feather in a chic and minimal way. A solid emerald and sapphire attire that highlights the dainty pendant and earrings. These pieces in real gold & diamonds with a contemporary take on design flatter the cosmopolitan culture of today’s women. The elegance and confidence that a modern woman possesses whilst playing different roles throughout the day, can be best reflected with her style.

We shot at The Glasshouse on Lavelle road that displays the city’s best suave essence.

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