An Untamed Sonnet

Wisely called as the Bohemian Bling.


Dreams filled in this tiny head make my feet desperate to take mile long walks. Each second, I spend making my whereabouts worldly and singing my heart out. I think of the Bahamas and I think of Vegas, these wanderlust notions trapped in my body are a reason for my globetrotting attitude. I am here right now and I shall be gone soon.
The time that I am here, I will make it true,
And I will make it worthwhile,
I’ll love & I’ll play,
I shall shine;

bindigasm_lifestyle_boho_bling_lookbook_1Quiet a poet this wandering soul can be you know! A vibe that isolates you from the rest of the working class (count all the collar jobs) giving a whole another meaning to life. We are all born same and yet are different, give it all to the experiences we have. Some bodies stay stiff all their lives while others sing along with the song. Those that sing or even hum are my kinds…
It is one life and it is meant to be lived. Artfully. Live it with all your soul and shine while you are at it!

bindigasm_lifestyle_boho_bling_lookbook_2 bindigasm_lifestyle_boho_bling_lookbook_4 bindigasm_lifestyle_boho_bling_lookbook_5 bindigasm_lifestyle_boho_bling_lookbook_6 bindigasm_lifestyle_boho_bling_lookbook_7

The shift in fashion trends this autumn, where pajamas are going from the bed to street-style looks and bed-head hair is the newest look that hair-stylists are recommending; an ultimate Bohemian look with a perfect mix of glamour sounds like the perfect runway (read run-away) inspiration.
Casual and free-flowing silhouettes boastfully call out the hippie mood in the look. Decadently intense florals and textured textiles bring the artistic element to the wanderlust and mixed-metallic accessorizing on inked skin with snippets of sparkling jewels all over define the season’s Boho with Bling attitude. It’s not a trend ok. It is an attitude. You ought to carry it. Feel it. And shine while you are at it. Live the Bohemian mood with bling in this untamed sonnet.

Boho headband, Earrings, Ivory bangles, Studded Belt, Neck-piece, Shoes and Knit Shrug – Ginger; Mint top – Code, Floral Pants – Only, Rings – thrifted – All from Lifestyle.