Because, chances are that you are already bored of the sunny yellow, bright orange and pretty pink. Isn’t it? Spruce up a fresh tint for styling gorgeously this summer and make it a summer to cherish. BOHOme.

bindigasm_boho_me_summer_max_gypsy_1It’s all about freeing your soul from all the unwanted desires of the world. Living a life that satiates the spirit. Without any rulebook and without any sheep-walk! A new shade of mint is on the racks that complements sombre shades as well as delicate whites. Add florals, or may be not. Add leather or maybe some folk embroidery. Or, go loud with a bold print on it. For the free spirit in you, be BOHOme. Here is my look from Max Fashion’s Summer 2015 Boho collection.


Here’s a quick look you could try out-

  • Pick a key piece. I chose a soft-printed maxi- skirt in mint. With side-slits up till the knee, it brings out the femininity in gypsy. Light as the evening breeze and refreshing as a cocktail!
  • Pair the skirt with a gauzy white blouse. Little details are always a delight.
  • Accessorise. Be as boho as you can.

BOHOme enough?

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