In the growing humdrum, they call it the silicon valley of India. A cosmopolitan paradise with a great mix of people, culture and weather. Here, luxury and local stand side by side, art and food is a way of life and, traffic jams, a part of life. Bangalore aka Bengaluru, is a city with this mysterious balance between creativity, fashion & technology and the old & the new parts.


With an idea of personifying street style in the city, I picked fashion trends, right from the magazine to a centuries-old market. Trends that have an influence of the seventies with the juxtaposed culture. In an attempt to showcase this concept, we shot at the hustling flower market of the old Bengaluru. ‘Pete’ is referred to as ‘market’ in kannada and the concept suggests a cosmopolitan take on fashion in the flower market.

bindigasm_cosmo_bloom_pete_bangalore_market_flowers_max_fashion_india_orange_pranita_2 bindigasm_cosmo_bloom_pete_bangalore_market_flowers_max_fashion_india_orange_pranita_3 bindigasm_cosmo_bloom_pete_bangalore_market_flowers_max_fashion_india_orange_pranita_4 bindigasm_cosmo_bloom_pete_bangalore_market_flowers_max_fashion_india_orange_pranita_5 bindigasm_cosmo_bloom_pete_bangalore_market_flowers_max_fashion_india_orange_pranita_6 bindigasm_cosmo_bloom_pete_bangalore_market_flowers_max_fashion_india_orange_pranita_7 bindigasm_cosmo_bloom_pete_bangalore_market_flowers_max_fashion_india_orange_pranita_8 bindigasm_cosmo_bloom_pete_bangalore_market_flowers_max_fashion_india_orange_pranita_9 bindigasm_cosmo_bloom_pete_bangalore_market_flowers_max_fashion_india_orange_pranita_10 bindigasm_cosmo_bloom_pete_bangalore_market_flowers_max_fashion_india_orange_pranita_11 bindigasm_cosmo_bloom_pete_bangalore_market_flowers_max_fashion_india_orange_pranita_11

That ‘70s show is ruling the fashion sphere at the moment. Tango orange picked from a bright colour palette in uber comfortable and fluid palazzos is the highlight. I paired it with a solid off-white blouse with intricate cut-details on the sleeve. Mix-matching a little bohemian spirit with a liberally hanging scarf, fedora and metallic accessories was another trick to juxtapose multiple trends.

Oh, who wouldn’t use flowers when shooting in a flower market? You think this kind of a street style could take me places? Then, I am participating in #MaxRoadToParis showcasing my #MaxStreetStyle by Max Fashion India’s Summer 2015 collection.

A big thanks to Nishal from dropDstudio for clicking such amazing pictures and capturing the StreetStyleXCity concept perfectly!

Palazzo, Blouse and Scarf from Max Fashion