Who says, summers have to be all mellow & yellow and dull & sulky? Not when you decide to dress up happy & bright and rise & shine! 🙂


It’s been ages I haven’t put my hand on something folk-sy. Of course, palazzos are the continuing crush, but an ethnic touch is something interesting. And I have always been a lover of cottons, come whatever season. So, I thought to get out of my jeans-&-tee mode and get into some cultural coma.
Lucky us, we live in a country where such lively colors and clothing makes all the difference in a day!

bindigasm_ethnic_summer_maxfolk bindigasm_ethnic_summer_maxfolk-galore_3Get a little folk galore inspiration for yourself here –

  • Incline towards brighter colours. The brighter the better!
  • Folk. Folk. Folk. Prints and embroideries and embellishments – try them all.
  • Mix and match some pieces from ethnic wardrobe to the western and see how they work together.

Tadaa! Be it a wedding or even a casual get-together, the look is versatile and sophisticated. Head out, shine bright gorgeous and enjoy a folk galore!

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