“I love wearing makeup BUT I wish I could do it like a pro.”

Doesn’t this thought cross your mind whenever somebody talks about beauty and makeup? Every woman desires to looks beautiful. Some prefer a raw natural look while others don the Cleopatra look better.  It oomphs up our confidence as well as give the skin an even look. But, there is always a ‘BUT’ following the thought of wearing makeup every time.
Plus, so many brands to confuse you and so many steps involved, it feels like a complex lab experiment back at school.

This is me, quiet reluctant when it comes to wearing makeup. So, I decided to break the curse and do a Google-course by myself. Eventually, researching about all kinds of makeup products, finding tips and tricks and doing weekend experiments on friends turned out to be a fun learning.

The first of the steps is all about foundation. It’s more like face painting, definitely inspired from minimalism. I learnt quiet interesting things about foundation and managed to make some illustrations for this post (yay!). Take a look –


  • When buying a new one, always match the foundation to your jaw line. Hands are usually much dark or red than the face. The shade that disappears wins.
  • Liquid foundation expires in about 8-10 months. Always buy them in small quantities.
  • Always blend the foundation well at the edges and apply it till the neck. Ending it at the jaw line gives an uneven look as a whole. Thin out the consistency of foundation with water or moisturizer.
  • An oil-free foundation is used on lips to make the lipstick stay longer.
  • Too much foundation or concealer on face makes it look like a ‘Cake Face’.
  • As a universal rule, foundation is applied after primer followed by a concealer to create a lasting look and full even coverage. However, many makeup artists use concealer before foundation to cover spots and use less foundation.
  • White skin represented class and privilege in 1800s. Ancient Greeks and Romans wore versions of foundation containing high levels of strong chemicals to whiten their skin tone.
  • Modern Foundation was invented to make close-ups look realistic in the theaters.
  • Today, with the advancement in technology, there are multifunctional foundations available. High-definition foundations claim to cover all imperfections and make skin camera-ready. Others suggest that they also act as skin-care, acne-reducing and whitening etc.

Yes, so much just about the foundation. Did you know all this? The product in the illustration is Za True White Liquid Foundation that I have been trying for a while now. I think it likes me. No cake-face, no dryness and an even skin tone. Worth a try!