For me, my hair is my treasure.
Confession: Managing them is one hell of a task. They go cranky with the changing season. While other times, it’s like I have a bad hair day seven days a week (except when I don’t miss the chance to get pictures clicked). To add to the misery, work and stress are part of everyone’s life and they don’t miss a single chance to show the effect up there. With winters knocking on the door comes a dry scalp. Like hair fall wasn’t enough. Don’t talk about how unsuitable is the water in Bangalore. Maybe, just my hair. IDK!

So, I decide to get some consultation from the experts. Jean Claude Biguine opened another salon in Indiranagar, in the happy place where you shop, eat, party and all that jazz! Now, I’m telling you – This is some salon that wouldn’t care any less about your problem like it’s their own.

To share my experience, I was given 4 hours of unexpected importance at Jean Claude Biguine on a Sunday that involved talking to a senior stylist, sharing my concerns, getting my hair tested followed by a suitable Kérastase hair spa ritual. How much-so ever you read online about solutions, product reviews and home-remedies, I found out deeper truths from the shrink. Here are a few tricks and tips I learnt –

  • Hold your scalp with both hands and stretch it. The less tight it is, healthier your hair. It gives a good flow of nutrients from body to the roots.
  • Pick a hair, hold some length from the end with both hands and try to stretch from the end of it. The easier it breaks, the weaker it is (It broke for me).
  • Then, there is this device that captures the scalp to show if the scalp is dry or properly nourished (This one was a relief).
  • The texture of each hair is like that of fish scales called the cuticles. Each time we shampoo, it gets washed away. Hence, conditioning twice in a week should not be overlooked (I need to find time for this).
  • Of course, maintaining a healthy and protein-rich diet helps (you should know this one already).
  • An eye-opener was the oiling myth. They say, it doesn’t really help much on the hair but it sure is good for the roots, like once in fifteen days. All it does is attract dust and prohibit the shampoo to work intensively in the first go. And shampooing hair twice could just wash away the cuticles.



Did you know all this already? (I hope not). Well, now you do. I guess I am going to get better at managing my hair now!