As a kid, I loved reading romantic stories. Kissing at midnight to break the evil curse, waiting for the prince charming to rescue the princess on a shiny white horse, giving away life for the one true love – all these moments made me go awww… But oops, here I am in a generation of disposable love, for you can always find another one around the corner, or the next bar.

No matter your relationship status, valentine’s day is just the excuse you need to celebrate another day in a bit more grandeur than usual. Either way, it’s time to take the matter in your own hands for you don’t know how sweet/ sour his surprise will be. (Common, how many of us have really liked the gift we get on V-day!) I say, go for a self-loving spree. Try things you’d always wanted to do. No, it isn’t narcissism, it’s what you deserve. Here are some random acts I tried and I think you should too.

Try A New Salon. And A New Hairstyle.

It’s a tough decision to make. But, what if your favourite hair stylist at the favourite salon ditches you? What if there’s somebody out there who could give you a better hairstyle than him? You need to give him a chance for once at least.
So there’s William, my new hair stylist at Warren Tricomi, a newly launched salon with Spa La Vie by L’Occitane at VR Bengaluru. William lets me play with curls over my head, swirl them upside down, and around, still maintaining the sassy look. I think I am gonna stick with this guy for a while 🙂


Nail That Thing

Roses are red, and I can’t care about violets right now! I always wanted to try nail art but couldn’t really make up my mind. Because ‘Valentine’s’, I dared to get some roses paint on my otherwise boring nails. Turns out to be a good decision. Miniature roses on a nude base with even tinier sepals beneath, my thoughts were indulged in appreciating the art in process. However, you should know that using good quality nail lacquers can make it last for over a week. The nail artist at Warren Tricomi has a couple of unique designs and techniques to suit the occasion.


Galentine’s day? Sure!

With dates getting easier, what’s become a rarer episode is our time with the girls. So, for the singletons, a Galentine’s might sound way more interesting than a mandatory dinner date. Hair? Tick. Nails? Tick. Then, why the hell not! Here’s to my BFF who doesn’t know her mention here!


Single or not, don’t miss the chance to get the humdrum on. Because you know, life is short and happiness comes in these small packages. 🙂