Picked up in haste, thrown in the bag, zipped up, caged.
Clandestinely, it lay inside quietly, amongst thousands of other alien stuff.
There were movements outside,
But, it didn’t matter…

bindigasm_butterfly_holii_kazo_fashion_trend_lookbook_style_graphic_1Meanwhile, she began her day o-usual,
Walked hurriedly with the bag locked in her hands,
Just when,
It felt as if something moved inside…
bindigasm_butterfly_holii_kazo_fashion_trend_lookbook_style_graphic_2She stopped,
She felt it again,
So she dared,
And opened it anxious…
bindigasm_butterfly_holii_kazo_fashion_trend_lookbook_style_graphic_3And in a lifeless life,
There came color and oh, there came life
Fluttering its wings,
There came a butterfly!
bindigasm_butterfly_holii_kazo_fashion_trend_lookbook_style_graphic_4bindigasm_butterfly_holii_kazo_fashion_trend_lookbook_style_graphic_5 bindigasm_butterfly_holii_kazo_fashion_trend_lookbook_style_graphic_6

She looked into the bag again,
And in a lifeless life,
There came color and oh, there came life
Fluttering their wings,
There came the butterflies!

bindigasm_butterfly_holii_kazo_fashion_trend_lookbook_style_graphic_7 bindigasm_butterfly_holii_kazo_fashion_trend_lookbook_style_graphic_8

Yet another imaginative skyline, built on the concept of metamorphosis. The way a moth transforms into a butterfly and finds a new style of living with the newly discovered wings, assures us that change is inevitable and whatever unfurls ahead can be much more beautiful than what is left behind. We are all a little fragile, but it cannot stop us from flying high.

Pristine white hues in a soft textured silhouette, surreal styling with a large floral headgear, winged eyes and innocent expressions that almost merge with the background bring out the eclectic beauty of the butterfly. A white dress with crochet and embroidery details from Kazo paired with a white leather bag with blue straps from Holii create the look in the concept. As the butterfly comes out of the bag that treasures everything she needs, the faded colorless images begin to reveal their vibrancy. Expressions go from bland to breathtaking and there is color filling the air. Eventually, there is a kaleidoscope of butterflies around her, bringing felicity in the mood.

Photo credits – Ashish Photography