I am the kind of person who loves long road trips, sunbathing on the beach and feel the tallest in mountains. Yes, travelling is fun. But it has its own tantrums. One month in humid Bombay and I finished two bottles of deodorant. A week in Kashmir and I surrendered to the chilly weather. Let’s admit it, you can’t stay locked in an air-conditioned room twenty-four-seven, well, unless you are in exile. But then again, would you have an air conditioned room in exile?

bindigasm_my_skin_my_city_rugged_jeans_smooth_skin_boroplus_feature2Not just these tantrums, my skin faces the maximum torture. I still remember the wintry days of schooling in Indore- how ugly those dry cracks looked on my bare legs when we wore pinafore dresses over Mary Jane’s and shivered during morning prayers. Even after using plenty of moisturising lotion. It’s been years now. Skin doesn’t change. It still dries like paper in December and sweats like clouds in summer. But, drum roll please. Enter a zillion products and remedies as a trial & error methodology to make it look whatever it looks like now (we all do that, it’s no secret). Honestly, it’s tough maintaining a healthy skin. Add work stress, travel exhaustion and what not. This December, thanks to Bangalore mood swings, all I have been longing is, to try a rugged jeans and smooth skin look.

So, as I browsed over what’s happening in the beauty & skincare world these days, I found this app My Skin My City by Boro Plus that tells me how my skin is, based on my location and suggests me a few remedies. Given the season, a score of 8 out of 10 ain’t that bad, is it? And, it tells me I should moisturise my skin more and drink lots of water.

Well, let’s give this a try. The rugged jeans, smooth skin look might not be too far. Meanwhile you guys, give the app a try and find out what it says about your skin. 🙂

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