I’d love to confess this. Since childhood, I have been a little naughtier than my parent think I am. We all are, aren’t we? While some stole candies, some bullied other friends at the school, some managed to get a fake parent-signature on their report card or pummel kids. I have done all of this 🙂


Turns out, it’s all okay. Today, I am doing something I like and I am doing it good. (Psst..not just blogging). Being naughty isn’t a crime. My crazy mind tells me it makes your life adventurous and sometimes taking chances in life lands you to better places. You have to be a little naughty to be able to experience that. A life lived by rules is a life lived by fools.


With season’s nautical mood flowing into the lifestyle, here’s a little quickie on being naughtical. Powdered blue summer dress with navy pumps anchored by the perfect nautical tote for a usual summer day. Running errands has never been naughtier!



Share with me you naughty confessions?

Dress, Tote bag, heels – All by Max Fashion