Differences & desires

There’s a conflict that goes inside. When the train whistles for departure and I can do nothing but gape, from behind these metaphoric bars. When a beautiful imagination knocks my heart but numbers fill my head with greed. When I hide away from beauty and wander to seek a meaningful interestingness.

There’s a conflict going on inside, between the differences and the desires, between the crests and the troughs. Like they are repelling ferociously, with an unbending will, scratching and screeching.
But, this is no fiction. The truth is, they are the Yin & Yang of life. Differences and desires co-exist to create a balance in our world. Just like there’s east and west. 


bindigasm_max_lifestyle_palazzo_block_print_ethnic_styling_february_2016_4 bindigasm_max_lifestyle_palazzo_block_print_ethnic_styling_february_2016_5 bindigasm_max_lifestyle_palazzo_block_print_ethnic_styling_february_2016_6 bindigasm_max_lifestyle_palazzo_block_print_ethnic_styling_february_2016_7


Too much for a fashion story eh? Let me tell you how and why. So many times, we do things that we should do, rather than what we really want to. Be it choosing a safer career option or a pair of shoes. While no choice on the table is wrong, each one has its own power of attraction. Differences and desires. Whatever we choose, the other still exists in the system. Most likely to be chosen by somebody else.

The way we daunt an ethnic look and the way we carry a nonchalant look, is quite similar to the way we pick for differences and desires. Deep sea green, block printed in gold, these palazzo pants pair up with a complimenting block printed kurta celebrating culture, craft and color. Design meets the details modestly. Quite different from the casual nonchalant look. Palazzo pants with a solid bright tank top, and bold accessories, killer heels, and untamed attitude.

Featuring both the looks from Max Fashions available at www.landmarkshops.in

So, this is my very first post from Indore, my hometown where I am working for the next couple of months amidst juggling between Bangalore and other places. First collaboration with Sourav from Sourav Sinha Photography who I think, is taking two degrees simultaneously at the uni while managing to shoot at weddings. And, finally I got to shoot at the Krishnapura Chattris, an architectural ode to the Holkar rulers of Indore I had my eyes on every time I visited home. Differences and desires at their best!