It all starts from the day, when he holds her in his arms for the first time. His newly born baby girl. A journey of unconditional love that changes it’s course throughout, yet succeeds to be cherished as the most memorable one. From holding hands to riding a bike, spying on her in her teens to the day of her wedding and ahead; the love a father & daughter feel for each other is expressed in the most amusing and unexpected ways. A version this world doesn’t really recognise. Until,

…somebody makes a movie and gently reconnects us to the emotional side of life.


You must be hearing a lot about the upcoming movie PIKU starring Amitabh Bachchan (the dysfunctional dad), Deepika Padukone (the young, unmarried & responsible daughter Piku) and Irrfan Khan (the taxi driver). Circling around a crazy father-daughter relationship with lots of situational humour and bizarre Indian idiosyncrasies, the movie looks promising to be a family entertainer.


While we wait for it’s release, here is Piku’s style comprehension to get you a little of inspiration!

Classic, laid back and practical, you’d see her wearing kurtis over palazzo pants and denims majorly. With a scarf hanging over the neck and a small bindi placed on the forehead. That’s all! Light summary cottons and rich hues with an interesting mix of prints, patterns and silhouettes. The casual Indian ensemble just got a makeover that is easy to carry and quick to get into.

Ladies, time to head to Melange by Lifestyle stores and play Piku, like I did! Have a look at a few more looks from their Piku collection!

P.S. This is the first time I am using a bindi while doing a story for Bindigasm! 🙂

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Watch the movie trailer here.

All clothes from Melange by lifestyle | Mojadis thifted from Jaipur | Photography 6Appealz Photography Studio