It was about 9:30 pm on a Friday night. I was supposed to meet my girlfriends over drinks in another half an hour, after about 8 years. I dressed up the same way as I used to when we all played together back then.


Judith had traveled down under to see her man’s family. With two daughters and a son, she has been on a roll, loving and living with her husband for over 6 years now. Pallas, we always looked up to her wisdom and courage. Even though we lived in the same city, we didn’t speak at all after what had happened the last time we all saw each other. Rachael, the charismatic one, had flown down in her private jet to shop from an exclusive auction of world’s rarest jewels, which to me looked like a phenomenon of finding happiness in money. But, she is a good friend.

Back then, we all had our men beside us. We played together happily, gambled till 4 in the morning. Drank wine like it was God’s birthday every day. And then one day, things turned around, the night we put our men on the table. Along with rich jewels. Who knew, things would lead to such a chaos.
But it was a game. And I had to show my best.

About me. I am Argine – The queen of Clubs. Or the Mother of Intuition as they say. Subservient yet a rule-breaker, satiating my quest for knowledge and winning, I have made sacrifices in life but never given up. To me, boldness is my armor.
And these girlfriends are all queens of the same deck of cards. Judith, the queen of hearts; Pallas is the queen of spades and Rachael of diamonds. We know how to rule our territories. The drama occurred when we all faced each other.

So, back to that day when we gambled our men in the game. To what started as an amusing night, changed into women war-zone as the shadow of the night intensified. The dawn began with a scene when after an audacious showcase; I collected two kings onto my side, Judith’s and Rachael’s.

I won the game but lost hearts of the queens. My girlfriends. What could I have done? I just played it well.


bindigasm_queen_of_clubs_black_and_white_cards_gamble_3 bindigasm_queen_of_clubs_black_and_white_cards_gamble_4a


bindigasm_queen_of_clubs_black_and_white_cards_gamble_8 bindigasm_queen_of_clubs_black_and_white_cards_gamble_9

Enacting as the Queen of Clubs from a deck of playing cards couldn’t be more intriguing. She is a ruler who knows her game and portrays best of creative expression. Her Biblical name is Argine. In my imagination, her character prefers an ornate bodycon dress and bold makeup that highlight her audacious attitude, seams that show her curves and it was a euphoric moment when I found in me a bit of Kim Kardashian while shooting ;).
On the lines of winters, dark make-up with smokey eyes and a venomous lip color played along.

Featuring my favorite pick from the Indian designer duo Pankaj & Nidhi’s Autumn Winter 2014 collection – House of cards (available at the Collonnade, The Leela Palace, Bengaluru). Big applauds for Jean-Claude Biguine for their magic of make-up & hair that suited just about perfect to the concept. While I indulged myself in making some club-shaped earrings, the neck-piece and rings from Ayesha brought final touches.