A pink rose brooch that I wear with my white shirt on certain colourless days. It reminds me of strawberry milkshake my mum used to make when I behaved.

A pink bangle I bought from a street vendor in Colaba. Its baby hue gets me nostalgic of the time everything in my closet was of this colour.

A pink honey bee ring embedded with sparkling stones that I use as my finger candy almost everyday. It makes me imagine if the bee was sitting on that rose brooch I am wearing on the white shirt.

A pink candy I got for my niece from Kandee Factory. But then, she was just born. So I have saved it for her till she grows some teeth.

A pink hydrating cleanser and a refreshing gel from Za for my daily essential kit. Having used Za products for a long time now, I realised there are some things that take care by themselves with the right products.

A pink street wear nail colour I have been decorating my toe nails with. I think it all started as a teenager.

A pair of pink platform shoes I bought shopped online recently. I could walk in these forever slurping a vanilla ice-cream cone.


It’s the time of fall that carries mixed feelings about cherishing life or flaunting fashion. Fashion works on mood. On trends. On new muses. Or, maybe it’s just me. There are trends that have had a great run until it’s time to chuck them away because the world is over it. Alas, this is a vicious circle.
This month celebrates more than just a trend. You may say, pink is the new black. But, it intends to stay as long as it completes it mission. The mission is awareness. Pinktober is the breast cancer awareness month. Campaigns across the world create awareness and advocate regular check-ups of women’s breasts as often they check Facebook statuses.

While I cannot really be even close to what trauma women face with the disease, I for sure wanted to contribute in my own way. Using pink things and creating it’s awareness. Go ahead, pay some heed to the pink things you have been using or treasuring now.