While I was publishing my last travel story ‘Trek Or Treat’ from the Himalayas, I realised a few more things I wanted to share. Well, besides a hell lot of others!

For every occasion, there are essentials. You might have a couple of things that never come out of your bag when you go for work everyday. A lipstick, coin purse or another pair of shoes! Well, that’s what I realised from my recent trek. Carrying certain things in particular, along with the usual on a trek can be a life saviour. I call it my SOS List – The Trek Edition, both health and beauty wise!bindigasm_trek_SOS_list_pack_travel_za_wildcraft

1. A Husky jacket
A light but strong jacket to keep your warm when the temperature drops in tents. No matter how many layers you wear inside, nothing will be as good as this. I found an affordable jacket at wildcraft. You can always hang it over your bag to save space.

2. Energy bars
Keep them in your daypack, cause they will help you when your body gives up. The chocolate flavoured bars from RiteBite are my fav!

3. Polarised Sunglasses
Forget cat-eyed or over-sized for they won’t help reduce glare from water or snow while walking.

4. A mini CTM kit
It’s tough to maintain a CTM schedule when you don’t even have a permanent house! But carry mini versions to use when time allows. I carried Za Exfoliating Clay and cleaning foam with a moisturising lotion.

5. Sunscreen
A MUST! The sunlight is pretty harsh at higher altitudes. Even when you walk on snow. The sight is definitely pleasing though!

6. Disposable lingerie
There’s no scope of washing face thrice daily, forget about taking a shower! In such cases, they will be your blessing under disguise.

7. Utilitarian Shoes
When you walk from hilly terrains to marshy lands & dry soil to snow-covered lands, you’ll know what I am talking about. Forclaz 100 from Quechua turned to manage everything for me.

8. A walking stick
Imagine holding on the railing of a staircase when you are climbing till the 10th floor. Some support is good every now and then. This one from Wildcraft proved to be an unconditional support.

9. Acclimatisation tablets
Because, we are city bound, always lying on the same sea level. When you climb mountains and reach higher altitudes, the blood pressure fluctuates and oxygen level decrease making your lungs work more. Diamox helps balancing the whole process.

10. A swiss knife
To pack less and use more, I used a swiss knife to cut oranges on way, open cans and fixing a lot of other things.

Well, there are other basic things you need to add to your list. Super dry tees, pants, head-band, winter accessories, woollen socks, torch etc. to make sure you have hell of a time there!