I confess. Out of 30 days in a month, I spend 25 days hustling (not following the weekend rule here). Okay. 23. Then comes a point of saturation and boredom. I binge-watch movies & series. Go out in the newly bought pair of heels. Spend way too much time in the bathroom making important life decisions. And when nothing helps… I indulge myself in a well-being ceremony. It has a fancier name. Spa la Vie.

This cycle has been continuing secretly for about a year now. And I think it’s working out quiet well. So this time, when I got invited to a pre-launch invitation by L’Occitane to experience their aromachologie spa, all that vocabulary strolling in abundance on the internet- mind, body & soul, rejuvenation, de-stress, positivity; suddenly just seemed a spa away.

Let me get started with the correct pronunciation, which, ummm… was my first research step. Just being honest.


A luxurious Mediterranean themed Spa L’Occitane resembles to a Spa in Provence, France. Serene ambience, a strong sillage, sensorial oil massage that take you to a near-transcendent state of bliss. I could say, the most worthwhile sixty minutes of my monthly toing and froing. Every gesture, every ingredient is drawn from the L’Occitane grand herbarium, a resource of hundreds of essential oils and natural ingredients, providing an unforgettable authentic experience.



Enter the Spa, you are greeted with an in-house ginger, honey & lemon soothing tea. From a tempting range of aromachological facials, massages, body scrubs and specialised treatments, I opted for a Deep Tissue Intense Relief Massage that could dispel my work exhaustion. After a quick change, the therapist began the ritual. She washed my feet in a bowl of tea tree, geranium and lavender soap and began the massage by offering a deep relaxing sillage of the three oils to inhale. A sixty minute of Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage, acupressure and gentle stretching focussing on the neck, back and shoulders, I took a ride to heaven and came back I think. The best part about aromachologie massage is that the essential oils work even when you are breathing to accelerate tranquillising your soul.
A hot steam after the massage was the perfect closing ceremony.



The most important decisions you make in life are the ones we make in a good mood. Essential oils have a huge healing and revitalising potential. To brush up your memory about their benefits, here’s a post you could read again. Aromachologie Spa just makes it better.

bindigasm_spa_la_vie_loccitane_aromachologie_essential_oils_3 So how about trying one for yourself soon?

SPA LA VIE by L’OCCITANE is located at VR Bengaluru, Whitefield Main Road.