There’s no comfort out of the comfort zone. A woman who falls for it is notorious for the very reason. She doesn’t like when it’s easy. Neither can she settle for less. Invisibility is her fear. Femininity- her armour. There are moments that ask for graceful gestures and there are tasks that demand an audacious character.
This woman. She’d put gloss on her lips and head out to the gym. She would squat with a smile on her face and the sweat would gleam on her skin. To her, the world is a runway. Metallic eyes, gym braids and sneaker heels are her essentials. She loves wearing silk and eating protein. She is game for everything and she ain’t giving up. Glam. Strength. Modesty. Dreams. None of it.

bindigasm_sports_luxe_couture_fashion_sneaker_jeremy_scott_heels_adidas_shoe_sounak_barat_gym_1SPORTING SUPER LUXE. NO. NOT SPORTS LUXE!
Sporting Super Luxe is about how a woman kicks in heels. Both, figuratively and literally! It’s not only about her style, but about her personality. It’s about being sexy and tough. In the same body and at the same time. I have been reading a lot of style inspiration for Sports Luxe that talks about glamming up sportswear and wearing it out of the gym, because why? Because, style is demanding more comfort and blurring lines between different occasions today. Think of an i-woke-up-like-this look on the red carpet. But, this ain’t that. I mean, that ain’t this. If you know what I mean.

bindigasm_sports_luxe_couture_fashion_sneaker_jeremy_scott_heels_adidas_shoe_sounak_barat_gym_2bindigasm_sports_luxe_couture_fashion_sneaker_jeremy_scott_heels_adidas_shoe_sounak_barat_gym_3 REVERSAL.
Juxtaposing high fashion with sneaker heels and gym braids in a gym. Ironic as it sounds, but this concept of sporting a Super Luxe look channels my inner Sport-Star! Recreating haute couture word for word in a man-repeller way. Why did I think of this? Honestly, talking about a trend was not my motive. Rather, a trait that I have been noticing in women, and expressing it fashionably. The way women are perfecting unconventional careers today, be it fashion, public relations, technology or hospitality- their art of balancing is runway-worthy. It’s not a relaxed outfit wrapped in sequins we are talking about, but a strong character dipped in blinding glitter. It’s tough but it’s on. All set in eccentric ensembles. The act of Sporting Super Luxe.

bindigasm_sports_luxe_couture_fashion_sneaker_jeremy_scott_heels_adidas_shoe_sounak_barat_gym_4 bindigasm_sports_luxe_couture_fashion_sneaker_jeremy_scott_heels_adidas_shoe_sounak_barat_gym_5 bindigasm_sports_luxe_couture_fashion_sneaker_jeremy_scott_heels_adidas_shoe_sounak_barat_gym_6 bindigasm_sports_luxe_couture_fashion_sneaker_jeremy_scott_heels_adidas_shoe_sounak_barat_gym_7 bindigasm_sports_luxe_couture_fashion_sneaker_jeremy_scott_heels_adidas_shoe_sounak_barat_gym_9 FASHION NOTE.

A reverse version of Sports Luxe that demands sartorial glam and perfect haute couture over slouchy pants and bomber jackets. I bought these crazy Sneaker Heels by Jeremy Scott for Adidas Spring Summer 2014 that paired perfectly with a printed set of silk shirt & draped skirt from House Of Three – a label by designer Sounak Sen Barat. The idea of this athletic couture play developed by mixing high fashion with elements of sport that involved an appropriate hairstyle and tricky makeup. And woah! I was able to pull it off with the help of the stylists at Jean Claude Biguine Salon flawlessly. My athletic mentality could speak sartorially.

Special acknowledgementS – WE FITNESS CENTRE- J P NAGAR for the shoot location and SHIV FROM 6APPEALZ PHOTOGRAPHY for the amazing photogrpahy!