Throwback to the time when, all you could see around was sunshine and blossoms.
Throwback to the summer and flowers.
That time when florals flourished from garden to the closet and from desk to the vase on the table. Springtime is long bygone. Vermilions and mustards took over the town and also, ourselves, celebrating fashion in a blooming avatar.



But who are we kidding, we humans have a fetish for all things floral. Let’s accept it! The Mughals, the lovers, the politicians and the funerals, flowers have been the connection. And of course, fashion! So, every season, fashion re-invents florals and brings to us a new look to embrace the season in style.

With fall knocking the door, lets sing a nostalgic ode to the subverted florals of the season. It’s time we forget pastels, brights, sunlight and butterflies, for we are going in for the decadent blooms.bindigasm_subvert_florals_fall_max_dress_vintage_b

Floral prints that make you feel nostalgic, that make you think of the seventies and even before in a deep colour palette, much synonyms to the season. Decadent blooms thriving over flowing dresses all set to welcome the fall. The moment you adorn such prints and dresses, it feels like re-living the past era in a modern style. The little vintage touch sets the mood.bindigasm_subvert_florals_fall_max_dress_vintagemax_black_dress_5I felt so when, one morning, I looked out the window hunting for the sun, but all I got was a dry leaf, thrown at my face by the mighty winds.

A-line floral hemline dress MAX FASHIONS