I am awake now. It is almost dawn.
The time has arrived.The truth is shining.
The sky will light up and the rays will illuminate the dewdrops.

I believe in it, not because I can see it, but because,
I can see the rest. My religion is the sun and my prayers this dance.
I will keep on patterning these movements,
as long as the sun keeps me in trance.
Fashion note
Time to show off some sunlit vibes in eclectic hues, asymmetric silhouettes and flowy dresses. Let pastels take a side seat this time, paint yourself in rich hues of navy, olive and magenta, say yes to pleats and swing your heart out for delicate Georgette and crepe that drape perfectly.
P.S. – Stare at the last picture for a while to see the dance steps.

bindigasm_sundance_avirate1 bindigasm_sundance_avirate2 bindigasm_sundance_avirate3 bindigasm_sundance_avirate4

Dress courtesy – Avirate |Photo Credits – Ankit Sabarwal