Minutes after I confirmed a booking on the app in the busy meeting room from under the table without making a single noise, my phone received a notification.
“Hello Madam, Thank you for choosing Taxi For Sure. Your taxi is waiting for you downstairs.”

That was faaasst! Looks like the driver loves to ride. You know, taxis!

“Great! This campaign idea sounds great. Just great! We’ll discuss more on this tomorrow with liners.” I tried to wrap up the meeting as fast as I could, ran across to my desk, picked up my stuff, rushed to the washroom, put on my jacket and boots, dabbed some lipstick on and sprinted out of the building.

There it was. Waiting for me. Just like an obedient boyfriend!

I was doing a pub crawl that day. The reason was, (well, besides the fact that it was an invitation) I needed my mid-week break and honestly wanted to really do a pub crawl as I had never done one before. Not much of a pub-person you see!

So, I get in the cab, all excited, cabbie greeting me and all, over-taking rickshaw walas with a grin on my face. He drops me at Barleyz, the first stop, where I meet a whole lot of new faces. A very attractive thing by the way, when you don’t belong to nine-to-five clan. People from around the city, not from a fashion background or page3 or whatever, along with a few other bloggers. Soon, food followed drinks, then games got us all cha-cha with each other. After Barleyz, happiness moved on to The Big Pitcher, where we learnt making cocktails, drank them up and moved on to Church Street Social for a few selfies and food sampling!

Me thinks, there are a lot of morals of this story –

  • Pub crawling isn’t that bad or exhaustive, of course, with right kind of people, place and plans.
  • In life, you need a happiness partner who understands that it’s your right to have some fun.
  • Taxi over rickshaws, For Sure!
  • If the pictures in the phone are blurry, you sure had fun!


bindigasm_taxi_for_sure_bangalore_2 bindigasm_taxi_for_sure_bangalore_3 bindigasm_taxi_for_sure_bangalore_4abindigasm_taxi_for_sure_bangalore_4

Kudos to Taxi For Sure for a being my happiness partner in the pub crawling activity that day!