The art of borrowing

We have all experienced it. That moment when we need something which we think is lying somewhere around. But it suddenly goes invisible. You just can’t find it! Be it a nail clipper, a bottle opener, a book or any random household thing.
You hold your breath for 3 seconds, forehead scrunched, mouth gaping with an expression of surprise combined with mystery. Where could it go? Ahh! My friend borrowed it last weekend and hasn’t returned it yet! Damn! I need it NOW.

1a_bindigasm_borrowed_denim_boyfriend_style_fashion_jeans_casualIf you are reading this, you could be either of the two:
The generous #friend who lends.
The trending friend who #borrows.

Well, it’s no shame (not like you were waiting for me to convince you on this). The world evolved from borrowing and barter after all. From various utilities of daily life to money, from sugar from the neighbours to boyfriend’s denims! The art of borrowing has had quiet a history. But the rule says that you are supposed to return it back after having used it temporarily. Well, they did intend to return back utilities and money, I’m not sure about sugar and denims.

Whatever it is, we have honed well at the art of borrowing. And, fashion. It is breathing on it at the moment, whether it’s about borrowing inspiration from the past eras or somebody’s closet. And the beau seems to be an easy target; in proximity. From his button-down shirt to stylish jacket, from his gigantic-dial watch to his distressed jeans, you can have it all.

Not sure if he is interested in borrowing our skirt or lipsticks. If he is, you are in trouble!

So, do you borrow or lend? Do you return when you borrow? Do you lend and borrow both? Think while I pose in my borrowed boyfriend denims!

2a_bindigasm_borrowed_denim_boyfriend_style_fashion_jeans_casual 4a_bindigasm_borrowed_denim_boyfriend_style_fashion_jeans_casual

3a_bindigasm_borrowed_denim_boyfriend_style_fashion_jeans_casual 5a_bindigasm_borrowed_denim_boyfriend_style_fashion_jeans_casual 6a_bindigasm_borrowed_denim_boyfriend_style_fashion_jeans_casual