The String Theory

The human body is a beautiful framework of skeleton covered with flesh and polished with  skin, while the soul is an inconspicuous issue. There are tons of distractions and attractions. In an era full of urban talk, modern thoughts and advanced concepts, we are all held up by our materialistic strings.

bindigasm_lookbook_the_string_theory1It’s not us now, it’s the puppets. The mind doesn’t work rationally anymore and the body scuffs with the strings. There is an identity crisis. We are neither strong enough to break free, nor can we sign a truce.  The wind blows the balloons away and us along with it. When we detach from them, we collapse.

Is there any way out of this world between today and never? Any chances of rectifying the choices we have made?

bindigasm_lookbook_the_string_theory2 bindigasm_lookbook_the_string_theory3 bindigasm_lookbook_the_string_theory4 bindigasm_lookbook_the_string_theory5

Shoot concept and photography- Ankit Sabarwal