Darling, I like you but not so fast!

“I ain’t dwelling in any urban space neither do I have my own bed to slumber upon. I see no boundaries and no backwaters. There is sky over me, and clouds beneath. Where am I, you ask? I am with her.Oh boy, her beauty is so captivating. With breathtaking sights and curves so smooth, she is driving me crazy right now. Every turn I take my eyes are stuck onto her. She whispers a carefree confidence as she flaunts her ferociously toned body. I wish…”
Just then, she interrupts me in a concerned tone, “Darling, I like you but not so fast!”

bindigasm_travel_ladakh_India_road_signs_leh_manali_10Quiet a teasing narration. Well, blame it on the beauty. A kind of beauty that is overruled by gender, age and time. A recent expedition into the mountains inspired me to metaphorise Mother Nature, the most seductive woman I have ever known.

The destination was but a journey into the mountains, higher than the clouds. A twelve day trip to the valley of Kashmir and Ladakh and I quote guilty, “I am in love with this woman!” The kind of sceneries that leave you speechless – colossal mountains and racing clouds in the sublime sky with mellifluous breeze playing with your face, it was a road trip  that felt like a tire swing revolving around the mountains. Snow garnishing the hilltops, massive rocks lay hugging her tight and no other noise (no people or those elevated signboards in the urban carnival); it was indeed heaven at that altitude. I can go va-va-voom over it till the infinity…


Photo Credit – Mohit Shrivastava

So, to tackle this reaction of all of her lovers (the ones like me aka the tourists) and prevent unnatural road incidences, the Border Roads Organisation (BRO) of Ladakh in the northernmost region of India started Project Himank that takes care of construction and maintenance of all the roads in the region. The Mountain Tamers, as they are called, are aware that she drives everyone insane and hence found it necessary to put warnings all around.

Well, I had to reveal the whole story to share some amazing road signs and messages that Himank has installed along the curvaceous mountains. Have a look –

bindigasm_travel_ladakh_India_road_signs_leh_manali_3 bindigasm_travel_ladakh_India_road_signs_leh_manali_4 bindigasm_travel_ladakh_India_road_signs_leh_manali_6 bindigasm_travel_ladakh_India_road_signs_leh_manali_7 bindigasm_travel_ladakh_India_road_signs_leh_manali_8 bindigasm_travel_ladakh_India_road_signs_leh_manali_9

Enticing, isn’t it? Traveling turns you speechless and then turns you into a storyteller. And I have many more stories coming up. Till then, go travel somewhere!