When it comes to choosing colours, we always tend to think about reds and blues. Or maybe dream of a rainbow. Do you ever think about white? Or nude? A blank canvas, a dove, peace, the skin that we live in, brightness and purity. The illumination that it has, fistful of energy which could take you away. The un-dyed colour.

What I mean to say is, white is more than a colour. A character, deeper than aesthetics. When we talk in the context of fashion, it escalates perception.

bindigasm_max_ethnic_white_2 bindigasm_max_ethnic_white_1


I love how pristine an outfit in white can look. Moreover, an ethnic look is an amplifier. While prepping up for a family gathering, this was what I wore. Mixed it with some skin tone and metallic accessories.
Me thinks mum is gonna keep this picture for her dream-plans for me!