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At the first light of the rosy dawn, she wakes up & splashes chilled water on her face and prepares to get ready for work. There is an unadulterated hope in her eyes. 
She confidently puts on her uniform- a western denim shirt embroidered with her name in bold red over a sequinned top that could kill the darkness inside the tunnel, and the comfiest pair of jeans she could survive in all day. She ties a white helmet over her head, then the soiled shoelaces, knots a bandana around the neck and starts to follow the faulty blinking light. Her clothes get covered in stains by the end of the day. So she cleans them all every night to wear them the next morning.

Right now, she is under construction. But oh! She is building things in her life. A lot of things. From monuments to dreams. With her own hands and her own rules.

After snoozing for about 5 unsentimental times, she wakes up. Drags her fancy ass to the washroom, checks on her Instagram feed, hoping she has a good hair day. Her feet seem heavier with each step and the day, too long to start. Thinking of cruel work mails, traffic signals and hectic deadlines. Aah! Why can’t I just sit back, relax and get a manicure? Why does the world have to run on money? Why aren’t shoes free? Why doesn’t food make itself up? From the huge pile of clothes lying in the laundry bag, she pulls out her favourite denim shirt. Her mom got it customised with her name embroidered on it long back. It’s Friday, so she wears it with a sequinned tank top and her Levi’s 312 shaping jeans with a pair of nude heels. Eventually, some gossiping at work and online shopping gets her through the day.

Right now, she is under construction. But oh! there is still hope. Someday, she will find a purpose and construct a beautiful life.


Same set of clothes. Different tales, different perspectives and different ways of survival. It’s how truth and beauty collide and converge. One, full of gusto, trying to make the most, bit by bit. Another, a directionless fetishistic race sympathising with one self. In most cases, latter is a true story. But, what matters is the hope that we keep in our heart and of course, the way we dress our way out!

Featuring the classic 1930s western shirt from Levi’s, rugged, refined, relaxed and even sexy, all new Levi’s 312 Shaping skinny jeans that slims your breadbasket, lifts your seat and lengthen your legs, of course with the versatile bandana from the western fables.

I’d planned to do this shoot at a small construction site around my house, but thanks to Shiv and the co-operating staff at the Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation, we made our way inside a tunnel being dug for the underground metro while randomly scouting for locations. That’s what I love about going impromptu sometimes. Not everybody gets to see what goes in the making of such basic amenities. 

Photo credits Shiv from 6Appealz studio