Are you doing the crop thing this summer?”, an email subject looked at me in bold. The one above it almost seduced me, “Forget the crop tops, laces do it better!”

And as I kept scrolling down my mailbox through a huge list of fashion subscriptions (that I involuntarily subscribe to, whenever I find a new website on the internet), I realised I was killing myself with an overdose of fashion.

Oh, you got to try the crop tops today. Denim on denim is the next big thing. Here! Peace out in all-white. No wait, why you no try a midi-skirt in between? THAT peek-a-boo neckline is definitely a must-have this season. Ah! I hope you are buying those baggy boyfriend jeans, that celebs dot on these days, right?

“Yes, yes, yes, I hear y’all. Now leave me alone.”
That’s my prevailing reaction when I get irked up with those subscriptions I once made, thinking I have found nirvana. And, as it’s clearly visible, fashion covers majority of headlines these days. The rest is just about unhappy democracy, scams, terrorism and horoscopes.

bindigasm_unfollow_monsoon_black_white_red_street_style_breton_stripes_maxi_brogues_4What’s the deal exactly? Is fashion the next revolution to bring a change to this world? Trends are changing rapidly than the figures on wall street. Everything today is passé tomorrow. Huh!
It’s OKAY to relax once in a while, take a break from these fashion fads and feel comfortable in, what you have loved always. Your kind of classics! No matter it’s trending or not.

when rain gods finally decided to visit Bangalore, I decided to UnFollow. All those trends piling up in my mailbox. And I went back to my basics. Summer’s finally being washed off with a black & white phase for me, with a little accent of red. Classic breton stripes over a black maxi skirt, glossy oxfords to monsoon-proof my outfit and a fedora to not care about what era it really is. There’s an umbrella to take care of the rest.

When Jvack Toto and Myntra asked me how I’ld go about styling a look for the monsoon, this was my reaction. And the look!

bindigasm_unfollow_monsoon_black_white_red_street_style_breton_stripes_maxi_brogues_2 bindigasm_unfollow_monsoon_black_white_red_street_style_breton_stripes_maxi_brogues_3

Thank you Jvack for capturing my ‘UnFollow’ mood in these wonderful pictures!