It is her sin, like a prayer filled in a chalice. She inspires art and gives chandelier its charm. She is a recherché who sparkles wine with her lips. She captivates her own eyes, flattering herself. The history says, her pride is the reason for civilisation. She catches the light with a blink of an eye. It’s her vanity that defines infinity. 

It may be her vice, but oh! She is doing it damn right!

Her vanity has no apologies!

bindigasm_vanity_no_apologies_swarovski_8abindigasm_vanity_no_apologies_swarovski_3abindigasm_vanity_no_apologies_swarovski_2abindigasm_vanity_no_apologies_swarovski_4a bindigasm_vanity_no_apologies_swarovski_6a bindigasm_vanity_no_apologies_swarovski_7aVanity is a personality that every woman inherits. Demure or loud. You could say, if men have muscles, women have vanity, channeled through their femininity. It’s a natural trait that lets them celebrate their own self; their inner strength and carries NO apologies to anyone in the world. 

With the breaching borders of feminine consciousness from cultural meets to fashion ramps internationally, shall we make a note of the title? 

Vanity, no apologies! 


How could vanity have been expressed without the influx of glamour, luxury & sparkle? Featuring a flattering feminine look with accessories from Swarovski’s Spring Summer 2015 Crystal Garden and Stardust Collection.

Shiny crystals in dainty whites and pastel hues, mixed & matched, over-accessorised, stacked- set the right mood for vanity. For a look that demands attention, MORE is MORE. And more always works! Mixing long and short necklaces and wearing them together, going gaga over the wrist by stacking different bracelets is only a subtle way to channel your vanity. Forget minimal, for accumulation is the armour to rule this season. I love the way different pieces from the same concept manage to create such versatility while dressing up!

I opted for a glamorous look in a feminine attire. Kudos to Jean Claude Biguine India for working wonders with makeup and hair that brought the right essence to the concept I had on my mind. THIS look and THOSE sparkling crystals picked from the garden of spring make me believe. In me and my vanity.


Earrings, bracelets, ring, necklaces – all by Swarovski | Sequin Crop Top Ginger from Lifestyle | Floral Midi Skirt Vero Moda | Hair and Makeup Jean Claude Biguine | Photography 6Appealz Studio