A sense of style. A life in power. A kick-ass attitude!

Wear white. They said. Or blue. They said. Your dress-code shouldn’t be attractive or disturbing the work environment, but neutral and minimal (read dull and boring). They said.
NO. I said.

bindigasm_wills_lifestyle_work_wear_power_dressing_women_summer_1We. Women. We want a perfect life. Our way. In style of course. We play a lot of roles today. We are the ladies who take charge of the house & workplace and family & kids and taxes & conferences. Twenty-four seven. Three-sixty-five. In style of course.
For us, a dress-code is a big-deal you know! We like to have fun while performing all these stunts. The reason, dressing up is so significant. Amongst one of the many avatars, what women want for themselves at work is, ‘a WORK-look PLAYed sartorially’.

Keep your pyjamas for parties and uniforms for the kids of future. When there are uber stylish ways of power dressing, working out a professional look isn’t Bible-d by a rulebook anymore. In a world, where women today wear heels higher than a man’s sock hem, fashion has escalated our aspirations.

bindigasm_wills_lifestyle_work_wear_power_dressing_women_summer_3 bindigasm_wills_lifestyle_work_wear_power_dressing_women_summer_4 bindigasm_wills_lifestyle_work_wear_power_dressing_women_summer_5 bindigasm_wills_lifestyle_work_wear_power_dressing_women_summer_6


For once, letting a solid shirt out of your way and trying out florals on a shirt with playful details of ruffles in a not-so-boring colour can make your work-look lively. Forget, pencil fits and rigid-looking trousers, ankle-peeking hems of culottes in a perfectly-tailored way are the calling for summers.

Featuring a look from the WillS Lifestyle 2015 Spring/ Summer Collection | PHoto credits 6Appealz Photography studio