OK, so the story goes like this…

She rises with dawn, clads herself in pants, hastily wraps the watch on her arm and gets out of the house. After walking a few blocks, she grabs coffee I think and then, I make her run the next few blocks. We reach well before time. Phew!

The room’s pretty quiet. I suppose, there’s some serious stuff happening on the table. My range of vision includes a few dust particles and a pencil dropped on the floor. When will she finish work? What are we doing after work today? And I get back to staring at nothing.

bindigasm_desk_dinner_clarks_prezel_1bindigasm_desk_dinner_clarks_prezel_2 bindigasm_desk_dinner_clarks_prezel_3 bindigasm_desk_dinner_clarks_prezel_4

bindigasm_desk_dinner_clarks_prezel_5Oh, wait. Are we going out tonight? _
Awesome. Where? _
Cool. Meeting him? _
Great. Let’s get you ready then!


Whoa! You look pretty, I tell her. Ready to play?
We reach at The Glass House. Late, with the right reasons of course. He was waiting at the table for her. I like them together. What do you guys think?
The food must be great. The floor here also is!
Aah! I love my life this way.
Work and Play, on the same day 😉

Perezthe sexy slingback shoe she can never get over with. Her partner in crime.

bindigasm_desk_dinner_clarks_prezel_14bindigasm_desk_dinner_clarks_prezel_9 bindigasm_desk_dinner_clarks_prezel_10 bindigasm_desk_dinner_clarks_prezel_11 bindigasm_desk_dinner_clarks_prezel_13


This was a monologue by Perez, my new glittering shoe from Clarks for #MyShoeDiaries. And that’s how I spend my day from desk (read work) to dinner (read play) in them. Whether it’s a biz look with the slickest workwear or a ladylike style to a dinner date, these Perez would go with about anything and everything to rock my look. Keep changing the outfit but, hold on to that perfect pair of shoes, I say!

I find them comfortable enough to wear the whole day at work and sexy enough to go out on a date. What do you guys think?

PHOTO CREDITS DROPDSTUDIO | LOCATION COURTESY THE GLASS HOUSE BANGALORE | Much thanks to Vivek, Manager at TGH for being a part of the shoot and the staff at the restaurant for their assistance.